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  • Posted 17 April 2015
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Luck - Make it work for YOU!

538_201504164349_png_square_left.90x90.1.1.75 Every entrepreneur has heard that success requires the right combination of skill, experience, timing, and luck. But that last, intangible piece of the formula has always been tricky. Over the past... Read more >

Cultural intelligence
  • Posted 17 April 2015

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Azerbaijan - driving a hard bargain

Azerbaijan is a republic in the Caucasus region, bordered by Russia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey and the Caspian Sea. The country has an estimated population of 9.5 million and its capital and largest city is Baku.There is no official religion and all major political forces in the country are secularist, but the majority of people are Muslim. Azerbaijan was the... Read more >

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