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  • Posted 23 January 2015
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Employee engagement now “les...

512_201501222121_png_square_left.90x90.1.1.75 The mantra right now in HR circles is Employee Engagement.  Everybody is talking about it and we send out surveys to measure it but we’re not even sure what we’re measuring!We ask... Read more >

Cultural intelligence
  • Posted 23 January 2015

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World - Hand Gesture Interpretation!

We all use hand gestures from time to time but the traveller must be wary of using them in foreign countries. One might think that the “Thumbs up” sign is universally recognised to mean “OK”; in the US, Australia, UK, Canada and Russia, this is the case, but in Latin America, West Africa, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, it is a rude... Read more >

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