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Wendy Addison helps whistle-blowers

This article was published in 'De Telegraaf' the Dutch national newspaper and describes the struggle that inspired Wendy Addison (a whistle-blowers herself) to establish her own business ‘Speakout Speakup'.

Wendy’s life could easily be made into a film; she began her career as a ballet dancer, but after a serious injury she had to stop dancing, and she studied further and became an accountant. She excelled and eventually became a board member of LeisureNet. When she found out that her bosses Peter Gardener and Rodney Mitchell were seriously corrupt, she reported them to the authorities.

Shortly thereafter her life and that of her then 12 year old son Dylan were seriously threatened and they decided to flee to London. In the British capital Wendy soon found a new job as treasurer at the Virgin Group. "But I was fired within six months by owner Richard Branson who wanted to do business in South Africa with the two men for whom I had worked, but the deal would not go through, as long as I remained as part of Virgin Group management" explains Addison.

"Of course I was looking for legal help. But the influence that Virgin has is huge in the City of London. So you can understand that lawyers were certainly not standing in line to defend me. 'My case' made the possibility of finding a job almost impossible. I was now known in London as a whistle blower and had also been dismissed by 'business God' Branson." In the end Wendy and her son ended up begging on the streets of London for money.

For the past year Addison has been running her own business ‘Speakout Speakup’. With her knowledge and first-hand experience she offers other whistle-blowers emotional, practical and legal support. Wendy also helps organisations to learn to deal with employees who suffer injustice or reveal corruption in the workplace.

Whistle-Blower Wendy Addison is an Associate of UnitedSucces and the picture used in this article was taken with Corinne at the UnitedSucces Annual Symposium 2013 in Amsterdam. 

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