Partners of UnitedSucces

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UnitedSucces feels very much aligned with Sisterhood in Business, which is a network organisation of experienced women entrepreneurs who, in addition to running their own businesses, use their experience, network and knowledge to counsel 1 or 2 women entrepreneurs who have ambitions to grow. SisinBiz is currently operating across the Netherlands,...
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Business Women of Egypt
UnitedSucces member, Yomna El Sheridy is the founder of this wonderful organisation, as well as many other organisations to support women in Egypt. Business Women of Egypt 21 is a self-financed and independent NGO striving to serve its members who come from wide range of business backgrounds, offering their expertise for the benefit of all...
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Enterprising Women
UnitedSucces partners Enterprising Women whose mission is to reflect and amplify the voices of entrepreneurial women, share their stories of risk and success, chronicle their growing political, economic and social influence and power, celebrate their triumphs, provide solutions to their problems, and identify and promote a new generation of...
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UnitedSucces supports the TIAW World of Difference Awards, which celebrates women and men worldwide who promote a better life through the economic empowerment of women. UnitedSucces identifies nominees from its own network for this prestigious award, whose mission is to advance the personal and professional development of women everywhere....
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GroYourBiz is a strategic partner of UnitedSucces and we have been in collaboration since its inception. GroYourBiz Ltd., headquartered in (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada), is an initiative that brings a tactical and proven approach to meeting the needs of women business owners that want to take their business to the next level. ...
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UnitedSucces values the IWEC (International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge) partnership as it allows members the opportunity of being nominated for this important Award. It also creates a platform for UnitedSucces to share with Awardees from different global locations the UnitedSucces vision.     IWEC was established in 2006 as...
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WEConnect International Europe
Working with WEConnect International (Europe) offers the women entrepreneurs belonging to the UnitedSucces community opportunities to do business with large corporations.   From their base in London, WEConnect International (Europe) is focused on their goal to connect women owned businesses - those that are 51% owned and managed by one or...
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