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Common Financial Errors
Many businesses struggle to make ends meet and finding money to pay your employees or creditors can be a regular monthly challenge. Assuming that you started your business with a...
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The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Sales
The old ways of selling are changing and require all sales people to think differently. Here are 7 essential selling principles that most sales people and sales organisations...
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Small business growth strategies
All small business owners want to see their businesses grow. Some want to grow the business just enough to be profitable and make a good living; others want to reach mega-success....
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Rebranding Your Business
It may be hard to accept the fact that your brand is outdated or that it just doesn't connect with your audience any more, but your brand is key to the success of your...
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What type of leader are you?
At some point, we have all worked with someone who made us feel weak, stupid or incompetent and it is likely that person got far less from us than our best effort. Similarly,...
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Employee engagement now “less engaging...
The mantra right now in HR circles is Employee Engagement.  Everybody is talking about it and we send out surveys to measure it but we’re not even sure what we’re...
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Developing a Pricing Strategy
Determining the right price for products or services can be one of the most difficult tasks for small business owners. Pricing too high or too low can crush a business. To set...
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Change Unwanted Habits
At this time of year, many of us will have made New Year resolutions, and we will be trying to form new habits or break old ones. Our careers are often defined by our...
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Female Entrepreneurial Power
The jury may still be out on whether 2014 was a breakout year for female entrepreneurs, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that women are finally cracking the glass...
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The Organogram
An organogram is the graphical representation of an organisation or structure, showing groups and departments and their interconnections and inter-responsibilities. The word...
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