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Dealing with negative people
We’ve all experienced the side effects of a negative friend, colleague or co-worker – someone who complains endlessly about their job but never offers any solutions;...
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Luck - Make it work for YOU!
Every entrepreneur has heard that success requires the right combination of skill, experience, timing, and luck. But that last, intangible piece of the formula has always been...
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Open Communication and Honest Feedback
What do your employees really want? A shiny new ping-pong table in the office? Catered lunches? The option to work remotely?A recent survey, conducted by 15Five, found...
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Reduce Your Stress Levels
Stress is fierce and manipulative. It comes when we’re faced with challenges, obstacles or major deadlines, and high levels of stress have been associated with heart...
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Lead Like a Woman
Until recently, women pursuing leadership positions often had to emulate men to fit the existing power paradigm. However, the leadership dynamic has shifted and women are...
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Business Transport and Travel – Cuttin...
Transport is a significant - and growing - cause of carbon emissions but there are steps that all businesses can take to limit their carbon footprint. First, evaluate the impact...
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International Women’s Day - Awareness ...
Last Sunday, 8 March, was International Women’s Day with a theme of “Make It Happen,” a call to get cracking on some of the biggest issues for women around the...
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Influencer Marketing Pays Off
Small-business owners face a massive challenge when it comes to marketing their business. Without the proper tools or experience, they can end up spending large budgets with no...
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Common Financial Errors
Many businesses struggle to make ends meet and finding money to pay your employees or creditors can be a regular monthly challenge. Assuming that you started your business with a...
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The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Sales
The old ways of selling are changing and require all sales people to think differently. Here are 7 essential selling principles that most sales people and sales organisations...
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