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Good Negotiators - Think on Their Feet
You can’t script negotiation. Whoever you’re dealing with may be as smart and determined (or as fallible) as you are, and you can’t dictate their agendas,...
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Survivorship Bias
Last month, Bill Gates revealed his favorite business book: Business Adventures, a collection of essays by the late journalist John Brooks, which chronicles business lessons...
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Managing Difficult Conversations
Workplace conflicts are virtually unavoidable and some leaders choose to approach situations of conflict with logic: if a team member isn’t pulling his weight, get proof and...
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Price Raising Strategies
Of the 28 million small businesses in America, 21 million lose money and this proportion is likely to be similar the world over. Often, businesses fail because their prices are...
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Powerful Networking
Networking is an art – “you have to find ways to cut through the white noise and get noticed,” says Ivan Misner, author of “Networking Like a Pro”....
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Balancing Compliance with Freedom
The challenge is not only to do the right thing, but to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. This is the hallmark of a good leader and often requires a...
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Getting paid – the challenge for small...
Sometimes, the biggest challenge for a small business owner is getting paid. Effective communication with debtors is essential to minimise late payments and develop a business...
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Staying Safe in Conflict Zones
Life as a social entrepreneur, particularly if you are female, is a dangerous one.  Fareeda “Kokikhel” Afridi, founder of SAWERA (Society for Appraisal and Women...
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Your Company Is Not a Family
When CEOs describe their company as being “like a family,” they mean well.  But using the term “family” makes it easy for misunderstandings to...
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Storytelling Selling!
In the latter half of the 1700s, German astrologist and physician Franz Anton Mesmer treated his patients by looking deeply into their eyes and waving magnets in front of their...
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