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Being Less Judgemental
Despite our best efforts, we all judge others.  A co-worker may take too long a lunch break, or a client may be rude and dismissive. How can we become less judgmental...
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More Social Media Etiquette for Small Bu...
Continuing the guide to social media etiquette, it is good to note the following:Be a Friend to Get a FriendIf you see someone ask a question on Twitter to which you know the...
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Successful Business Trip Recovery
Jetting off to a quick, mid-week meeting can be one a rewarding experience but it can also be exhausting. After a full day of meetings, we often grab a quick snack then head to...
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Social Media Etiquette for Small Busines...
Learning the best social media etiquette for business owners is almost as hard as getting started with social media in the first place!  Here we make a start with a...
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Sharpen Your Writing Skills
In a world dominated by the short and snappy – Tweets, Instagram, LOL, Whatsapp, Snapchat – you could be forgiven for asking “Who cares about writing...
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Being Ready to Change the World!
Entrepreneurs are routinely the driving force behind change in our economy. It is the entrepreneur's ability to spot an opportunity and offer a unique solution that has...
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Successful First B2B Sales Phone Calls
The first sales phone call is often the hardest because you don't know what to expect. Here are some tips to get quick results.Focus on Your ObjectivesYour goal should be to...
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The Leader Everyone Wants to Work For
It takes courage to step up to lead. Talented employees want leaders who can open their worlds and make them better. So what kinds of leaders draw and develop the best talent?...
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Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
When done right, social media can be a powerful way to connect with customers and communicate branded messaging. Mastering a few basics can give your efforts the best chance to...
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Remain Competitive Without Risk
Can a business remain competitive (and ultimately grow and become more profitable) if it is threatened by risk? What if risk becomes more than an “exposure”, but a...
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