When entrepreneurs get organised, they mean business. After seven years of building, we are now ready for impact. The UnitedSucces Foundation is set up to empower and influence. Its goal is to support the UnitedSucces organisation and its members. Key to empowerment is the input of the members. As with any network, if members are not actively involved, nothing develops.

The Foundation is designed as an organisation with a small board. It focuses on three main areas: 1. supporting individual member’s training and development, 2. Connectivity between members to develop and enhance impact, 3. Promoting and Supporting the United4U concept: the circles of influence for access to finance, innovation and environment, solidly grounded on leading values of trust, respect and serving the community. 

The Foundation is continuously looking for partnerships to obtain more exposure for member’s businesses, open new doors and create relevant quality contacts in different sectors. The possibilities for these exposures are based on the power of the COLLECTIVE. If members do not actively contribute, the Foundation will also have limited resources in finance, in manpower and in executing power. Therefore, the UnitedSucces Foundation is not just A Foundation, this is OUR Foundation. It is a vehicle of the collective, not of individuals. Building the circles of influence is putting thoughts into action, uniting for a powerful mechanism to realise and multiply our impact.

Join us on that road, in whatever way you can!

Yasemin Tümer
Yasemin Tümer (Chair of the Board) – The Netherlands

Yasemin has always been involved in women empowerment and whilst at university she set up development programmes and activity centres for migrant women. Later she helped to establish the ‘women’s professional schooling’ facilities in several cities in Holland and became the founder and director of a training centre in Amsterdam, aiming to reintegrate unemployed women in working life. Following her interest in international developments, she worked to develop projects in Central Europe. Subsequently she became a partner at KPMG Consulting, responsible for industrial global accounts, then decided to develop her own portfolio and investments. For the last ten years, she has been investing in businesses and returned to her main focus, diversity and female entrepreneurship. She is a founding partner at VERA Community, a crowdfunding and financial matching company for female entrepreneurs and a board member of Women Inc., the Dutch activist group with a female agenda.

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Annelies van der Vorm
Annelies van der Vorm (Board member) – The Netherlands

Annelies is the founder of Plantwijkc BV, an impact investing company in The Netherlands. She focuses on the hospitality and food sectors, and uses as a rough guide, the principles of Planet, People, Prosperity and Pleasure in selecting where to invest. Besides running her own company, she is a board member of several businesses and foundations, including the Alexander Monro Foundation, part of the first breast cancer hospital in The Netherlands.

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Becky Roloff
Becky Roloff (Special advisor) – USA

Becky Roloff is the President and CEO of the YWCA of Minneapolis which annually impacts 29,000 people. Becky joined the YWCA after a corporate career, latterly as a member of the senior leadership team at American Express Financial Advisors. She is the current President of the International Women’s Forum Minnesota and serves on the boards of: C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., Charles and Ellora Allis Foundation, Executive Committee of the Downtown Minneapolis Council as well as the YWCA of Minneapolis.

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