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‘A lovely and mutually beneficial relationship started by our mutual membership in UnitedSucces.’

Margrit Wolff (UnitedSucces member) of Mercury Freight in South Africa

The Power of Connecting

UnitedSucces empowers women and facilitates the growth of their businesses.

“A lovely and mutually beneficial business relationship started by our mutual membership of UnitedSucces” is how Margrit Wolff, of Mercury Freight in South Africa describes her connection with Gail Downing. Gail runs the Acorn Group of Companies which markets and supplies a wide range of products to the retail, wholesale and pharmaceutical trade and uses Margrit’s company for her customs clearing and forwarding.

UnitedSucces is a unique worldwide network of established women entrepreneurs. In a trusted interactive environment, members connect across the globe by sharing invaluable know-how and contacts. UnitedSucces facilitates secure access to both local and international markets.

It was launched in 2008 by Corinne Heijn, a Dutch businesswoman who graduated with a law degree and attended Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration and MIT Sloan School of Management. Corinne is passionate about women entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. Her mission is to build a support system around the world, creating opportunities and facilitating connections, so that the individual woman entrepreneur can flourish. “I strongly believe that women entrepreneurs are game-changers and will create a positive impact in the world. UnitedSucces amplifies the ripple effect that women are creating anyway”.

The UnitedSucces team travels to meet women entrepreneurs in different corners of the globe. Members are selected for the business values they uphold and for the generosity of spirit that they openly share. They are often introduced by another member who can vouch for their credibility. When you join UnitedSucces you will sign a Code of Ethics.

Helen Jamieson, who runs Jaluch HR and Training Consultancy in the UK was put in touch with UnitedSucces member Alicia Carballo, a lawyer who now works as a headhunter in Buenos Aires. Helen says “Alicia took the time to contribute to my book on women's entrepreneurship. I'd like to thank her and all the other wonderful UnitedSucces women who gave me their time … What a fantastic community to belong to. It’s not often in business (and life) that you come across a group of people whose values you admire and share. But when you do, you need to keep them close!”

UnitedSucces empowers women and facilitates the growth of their businesses. All of this begins with the first connection – and there are many opportunities for connecting. Members can log in to the database and search using filter criteria such as industry or country and will find the relevant member and her contact details in a second.

Meeting in person remains the best method to establish a good business relationship. In cities around the world, there are mini-events providing a chance for members to connect and meet new members face-to-face.

The highlight each year is the Annual Symposium. Previously held in Amsterdam, Cape Town and Rome, 2016 will see the UnitedSucces powerhouse of women touch down in Hong Kong.  The connections made – and business learning shared – within this activity-based few days are profound and last long after the event has closed.

Another method of meeting in person is via posting travel plans on the website. You will not find yourself alone in a strange city – it is likely that you will end up having an inspiring conversation over coffee or dinner with another member.

The next best method is audio. Hearing another woman’s voice and feeling her energy can assist greatly in establishing a connection. Take, for example, the voice2voice “Ask the Expert” sessions: they each last half an hour (because entrepreneurs are busy people) and members can log in and participate or just listen to a dialogue. “I think of it as a gift, a treat that you can give yourself,” says Corinne. “It is a great opportunity to find new perspectives”.

UnitedSucces emails a business bulletin every two weeks – the Friday Update.  Here you can get excited by the announcement of new members and be inspired by the achievements of existing members.

But it’s not always about business. UnitedSucces is a community and personal crisis touches all of us at some point in our lives. Within UnitedSucces Members will find the emotional support they need.

Avril Engelbrecht who runs eroom marketing & design in Dubai agrees: “UnitedSucces fits the profile for my business perfectly: professional and sophisticated - whilst at the same time nurturing the vital human element in all of us”.

Alexandra Yung, based in Hong Kong, founded Creasians, a branding and marketing company. She says, “UnitedSucces women have big hearts and giving spirits. It really helps to have this group of incredible women to share, exchange and grow, not only for our business but for our souls as well. I’m so excited at the growth of the members in Hong Kong and have made many lasting friendships and amazing connections”.

Deborah Delaney, founder and CEO of Touching Lives in Minnesota, USA, runs an adult day care centre for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. At the Rome Symposium, she met Michélle Booysen, founder and CEO of Pétanque Consultancy in South Africa, and they are now pursuing a licensing agreement because Michelle wants to set up a similar centre in South Africa. Exporting your concept to another country – how exciting is that?!

You might simply say, UnitedSucces is just that – an organisation that believes that when women entrepreneurs “Unite”, their business world and business knowledge expands without boundaries.

Nkhensani Nkhosi, Johannesburg-based clothing and lifestyle designer, and founder of Stoned Cherrie, sums it up: “UnitedSucces is a passport to the world, a fantastic way to make the world smaller, more accessible. It is a dynamic force of women from around the world doing phenomenal things - who wouldn't want to be part of that movement?”

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