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‘Get access to international markets, services and sources you have never
had before’

Women business owners all over the world face common challenges, regardless of their culture or creed.


UnitedSucces is a worldwide network for established women entrepreneurs. The members are personally selected from all continents. The cultural and business diversity provides access to extraordinary knowledge. markets and partnerships. Individually and together we make a difference, create impact and grow.

UnitedSucces was founded in 2008 by its President Corinne Heijn. She is the driving force behind the network. Corinne believes that by connecting and uniting like-hearted, game changing women entrepreneurs, their positive impact on the world will amplify: "When connected and united, I believe that the power of women is multiplied, making their potential for success and impact even greater. And when she succeeds, so do the men, women and communities around her". 

UnitedSucces understands how lonely the entrepreneurial journey can be. It is there to be in the moment for every member for :
   •    global connectivity
   •    when information is required
   •    times of stress and there is a need for support
   •    knowledge share, so that the business can be benchmarked
   •    business strategic advice
   •    person2person events where ideas are exchanged
   •    voice2voice on line expert advice
   •    access to business opportunities and recognition 

Typically, a UnitedSucces member is a woman who is eager to seize opportunities to grow her business and herself, whilst having a passion for sharing experience and skills that empower other women. A member has a sincere and generous spirit that is evident to all who know her.

UnitedSucces is a global network, that becomes your personal network

UnitedSucces is unique because of
@ the members themselves
@ the trusted and safe environment
@ the impact focus
@ the meaningful world-wide connections
@ being and taking part in a women's entrepreneurs organisation/movement that will ignite the change for positive global impact.

UnitedSucces is flexible so that it adjusts to meet member individual needs

UnitedSucces is a catalyst for Connectivity

UnitedSucces has Trusted Experts within its community with credible service providers

Have the world of business at your fingertips with UnitedSucces!

  • Corinne Heijn
  • Founder and President
  • of UnitedSucces

‘I am passionate about women entrepreneurs who want to make a difference’

‘Not only can women entrepreneurs empower each other, they can also act as successful role models who are economically independent and employ more women’