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    • Why do you spell UnitedSucces with only one ‘s’ at the end? Is this a mistake?
      This has been done deliberately – UnitedSucces is an on-line resource for entrepreneurs and as such the ‘.com’ address is vital. The United address was already reserved when we applied for our URL and therefore we decided that we would spell our name differently. We love the fact that the word ‘succes’ has evoked so much interest and conversation and we believe this is branding par excellence!
    • What does UnitedSucces do to connect women business owners to each other and across continents?
      UnitedSucces has created a platform for women business owners to join an international network of credible peers.
      UnitedSucces facilitates the introduction of her members, either through the website or in person.
      UnitedSucces has vast local networks of women business owners in most regions of the world. The UnitedSucces team travels extensively to actually meet the women who have been referred to the network. These meetings are imperative to uphold the values of the network.
    • How do you check the credibility of the women you invite to join?
      UnitedSucces asks for references on incoming members through its own network. All applicants will be interviewed by a member or one of the UnitedSucces team members before being accepted as a member. A Code of Ethics is signed by all Members.
    • How do I qualify for membership?
      You qualify for membership when you are:
      A woman business owner;
      A decision maker within your business;
      Possess the sirit of ubandance;
      In agreement with the UnitedSucces values.
    • What if I don’t meet the criteria but do want to become a member?
      Exceptional but appropriate applicants will be considered as members.
      A woman business owner is in partnership with her husband/partner and although she owns less than 51% shares in the business, she is running the business and is the decision maker.
      Four women are equal partners in a business and although they hold 25% shares each, they wish to become members of UnitedSucces.
      A woman needs finance for her business to grow. She chooses to obtain private equity. Very likely she finds herself not being the majority shareholder anymore after a second round of funding by the other shareholders, but she still runs the business.
    • I realise that the network takes time to build, but what are the immediate benefits if I join as a Member now?
      There are great advantages to being a Member:

      - You are able to receive personal attention from the
         UnitedSucces team;
      - Your business goals and challenges are noted and the
         UnitedSucces team will facilitate introductions to relevant people
         to expedite the expansion or needs of your company;
      - On-line access to other Members and their businesses;
      - Profile of you on our home page in our ‘Featured Member’ frame -
         with your permission of-course;
      - Weblog access to express your point of view and/or have your say
         on various business topics;- Invitation and special rate for the annual global Symposium
      - being nominated for prestigious international Awards
      - And many more...
    • How do I apply to become a member?
      You fill in the contact form on the website and state that you wish to be considered as a member of UnitedSucces. You may also take our 2 minute member test..
      One of the UnitedSucces team members will contact. The process includes checks and an interview and therefore takes between 2 weeks and a month.
      When you are invited to join:
      You are requested to sign a code of ethics.
      You are requested to pay your membership fee.