Travel plans

UnitedSucces Members and Associates are WOMEN ON THE MOVE. Their travel plans are shared and visible to all, so that they may arrange to meet anywhere in the world and 'talk business'. Inevitably once they have 'talked business', they 'do business' and their businesses expand. This growth and expansion of businesses results in the creation of more job opportunites.


View traveling members

Members view each other's travel plans as well as the UnitedSucces team's itnerary and if dates coincide, then meetings are scheduled. The UnitedSucces team also facilitates introductions of traveling Members to the network of women in the region they are visiting.


Add your travel plan

Our quick and easy-to-use feature prompts you all the way so that uploading your travel plan is a smooth process that takes no more than 2 minutes.


Add your travel experience & photos

Travelers are be prompted to write a few words about their experience so that other Members can benefit from tips on 'DOs and DON"Ts'. Photos may be added too.